STARTS Prize 2019 Awards

The European Commission’s STARTS Prize 2019 Awarded:
The STARTS Prize goes to the innovation office “300.000 Km/s” and the designers Bjørn Karmann and Tore Knudsen

(May 20, 2019, Linz/Brussels) STARTS stands for Science, Technology, and Arts and is an initiative of the European Commission to promote cooperations between science, technology, and the arts. Part of the STARTS Initiative is the prestigious STARTS Prize, which is awarded annually by Ars Electronica from Linz and Bozar and Waag.
In 2019, the STARTS Prize in the “Innovative Collaboration” category goes to the innovation office “300.000 Km/s” in Barcelona, which has developed and successfully implemented a groundbreaking model of sustainable urban planning. Bjørn Karmann and Tore Knudsen were awarded the STARTS PRIZE in the category “Artistic Exploration” for “Project Alias,” an intelligent parasite that forces smart home systems to respect our privacy.

The winners of this year’s STARTS Prize can look forward to the STARTS Trophy and 20,000 euros each and are expected to attend the official award ceremony at the Ars Electronica Festival on September 5, 2019 in Linz.

STARTS Prize 2019