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As a hotbed of media art, Linz establishes conditions for bright prospects and cultural, commercial and social innovation. Being a UNESCO City of Media Arts offers opportunities to initiate networks that enhance Linz’s attractiveness as a creative city in culture, science and business, nationwide and worldwide. Integration into the UNESCO Creative Cities Network promises to impart new impetus to Linz’s development and to positioning the city as a hub of the creative economy.

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Here’s some information about events, productions and projects in Linz that provide an impression of this Creative City’s diversity.

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Media art is more than just another artform. Especially in Linz, it’s intimately associated with social development and has initiated various other developments too.

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Linz – City of Media Art Research

An essential step towards strengthening and further developing Linz as a City of Media Arts is the acquisition of the archive of VALIE EXPORT, a Linz native who has achieved worldwide fame as a feminist media & performance artist, and the establishment of the VALIE EXPORT Center in Tabakfabrik. This facility took place alongside the […]

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Research, Open Commons

Open Commons Linz

Since 2009, the Open Commons Linz initiative has made available a wide variety of “free” data: geo-data and statistical information having to do with city life, local government, recreation and tourism. An associated effort is the Hotspot initiative that has installed hotspots providing free WLAN, as well as Public Server, the municipal cloud available to […]

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Linz has a long history as a center of media art. Ars Electronica premiered in 1979 ago. Since then, many people—locals and folks from far beyond the city limits—have contributed to enabling Linz to assume its place in UNESCO’s network of cities committed to media art. We’d like to introduce a few of them here.

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